Cabins for rent



This cabin is situated in the beautiful Dammåängarna, approximately 7km north of the village Hallen. It has six beds, fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, gas stove and oven. The light sources throughout the cabin run on solar panels. There is a separate cabin with changing rooms, sauna and an outhouse. A wood fired hot tub is also available for booking. The area is gated and only accessible to our guests and the landowners. The perk of this location is the excellent fishing in the pools in the first rapids after a 6 km long stretch of calm water.


660 SEK/night (2-night minimum stay) or 3,960 SEK/week.

Thursday-Sunday or Sunday-Thursday: 1,980 SEK.

Please note, during the winter season the rate is 1,000 SEK/night.

The guesthouse in Hallen

A 4-bed cabin situated on our farm, high up in the village of Hallen, with a gorgeous view of Lake Storsjön. It has a fully equipped kitchen, including a dishwasher. There is a shower and toilet right next to the cabin.


660 SEK/night or 3,960 SEK/week.

Sunday-Thursday 1,980 SEK.

Bed linen are available at 140 SEK/person.

Please note, this cabin is only available for rent in the summertime.


This 6-bed cabin is located on a hill with amazing views of Lake Håckeren, Mount Hottögsfjället and the Anaris mountain range. It is situated on our hunting grounds, so feel free to let the dog roam! Buy a fishing permit by Lake Håckeren, where we have a boat, and enjoy the abundance of char and trout.

Please note that there is no electricity in this cabin.


500 SEK/night (2-night minimum stay. Summertime only.)

Hunting permit: 200 SEK/day

Boat access: 200 SEK/day and per boat. (Fishing permit is not included
Photos from Aumåsen.


A lovely 6-bed cabin with fully equipped kitchen with gas powered fridge, freezer, stove and oven. Please note that there is no electricity here; the only heat source is the fireplace. The cabin is situated on our hunting grounds with access to moose and bird hunting, and near fishing in Dammån, Bastån and Tårisbodtjärn.


500 SEK/night (2-night minimum stay).

Wintertime: 1,000 SEK/night

Hunting permit for small game: 200 SEK/day.

Photos from Tårisbodarna.


Tårisbodarna – Small cabin

This is a simple, but cozy log cabin with a fireplace, two beds and a small stove plate for cooking.


400 SEK/night (2-night minimum stay).

Only available in the summertime, in combination with rental of the large cabin